The bags you like tells more about your personality July 27, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

If you want to learn more about your personality, we are bringing you a really fun perspective on the bags you like.

Bag is one of the most important accessories in a woman’s life, which, compared to dresses, represents something more intimate, more personal.

Large Bags


Women who use large bags love traveling a lot, discover new places. They like to have control over everything and are very detailed. CAVALLI CLASS BAG (shop now), can be carried as a handbag or over the shoulder, is the perfect one.

Small Bags


Generally, women who use small bags do not like the phrase “All eyes on me”. If you feel like this FURLA CAPRICCIO BAG (shop now), made in Italy, is the perfect one.

Straw Bags


Those who use straw bag, are very nostalgic and often feel guilty. If you have this kind of personality FURLA CANDY (shop now) is the perfect one for you.

Eye-catching bags


Women that use these bags want to discover a new dimension of yourself. If you have this kind of personality FURLA CANDY COOKIE S SATCHEL TURCHESE (shop now), is the perfect one for you.



Women who use purses are directly related to professional ambition. One example is FURLA BABYLON ONYX PURSE (shop now), with inside pocket and six spaces for credit cards.


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